Music Therapy Group for kids Aberdeenshire

Grampian Music Therapy provides interactive music therapy services for children and adults in the Grampians. We offer both one-on-one and group sessions to build confidence, encourage communication and promote development and creativity through music. If you’re looking for a music therapy group for kids in Aberdeenshire, you’ve come to the right place!

Music therapy for kids in Aberdeenshire
At Grampian Music Therapy, we have over 12 years of experience in working with children, and we offer a host of services, including music therapy groups for kids in Aberdeenshire. Music therapy is a diverse and versatile form of therapy, which has far-reaching benefits for children. Our music therapy group for kids in Aberdeenshire is designed to enable and encourage children to open up, to interact with other children, to be creative, and to build confidence and self-esteem. Communicating isn’t always easy for kids, and music represents an accessible, universal language that can open doors and make children feel more relaxed and comfortable.

The benefits of music therapy for children
Sensory experiences can be incredibly beneficial for children at a stage where they’re learning all the time, and they’re exposed to new stimuli on a daily basis. Music therapy is often recommended for children with sensory needs, those on the autistic spectrum and kids who find it difficult to make friends and to chat and interact with their peers. Music therapy can be amazingly relaxing, and it can also give children the confidence they need to express their emotions and to reach out to and communicate with others.

Music therapy affects and impacts individuals in different ways, but some of the most common benefits include:
Improved concentration
Relaxation and calm
Improved communication
Expressing feelings and emotions
Increased interaction with others
Improved self-awareness
Increased confidence
Increased independence
Supports the development of listening and fine motor skills
Enhances wellbeing
Breaks down communication barriers

Who can benefit from music therapy?
Music therapy can be beneficial for children with sensory needs, autism and low self-esteem. We often recommend group sessions for kids who find social interaction tough or daunting and those who find it difficult to concentrate and listen. We work with schools, private clients and hospitals across the region to provide individual and group sessions for kids, and we can tailor the programme to suit the needs of specific groups.

Why choose us?
If you’re looking for a music therapy group for kids in Aberdeenshire, you can trust Grampian Music Therapy to provide high-quality, interactive music therapy sessions, which are designed for children. Our sessions, run by experienced, compassionate, highly-motivated teams, are fun, and they encourage children to become more creative, more confident and more self-aware. We have over 20 years of experience within the team, and we’re incredibly passionate about what we do.

How can I find out more?
If you’re interested in music therapy, or you’re looking for a music therapy group for kids in Aberdeenshire, we’d love to hear from you. We can provide you with more information about our services and answer any questions you have. Contact us now on 07985 266109 or email