Group Music Therapy Aberdeen

Social Development In An Engaging Environment

ABBA taught us to say “thank you for the music”, and when you’re loved one discovers the joys of the best group music therapy Aberdeen has to offer, you’ll certainly feel gratitude for the amazing things that auditory sessions can achieve.

A truly life-changing journey starts right here.

Personal Development In A Creative & Accommodating Environment

Group music therapy is a concept that encourages participants to engage with each other through the use of playing music. It helps individuals to relax while simultaneously feeling more present and can bring a host of benefits on a social developmental level.

Through the use of regular group music therapy, your loved one can:

Improve hearing and speech.
Grow in confidence through engagement.
Improve social development and meet new people.
Grow a love of music, which can have a calming influence.
Improve hand-eye coordination.

Group music therapy Aberdeen is designed for small groups, meaning that individuals won’t be overawed by the sessions or surroundings. Whether your loved one has previously enjoyed the benefits of this treatment or not, now is the perfect time to join our group.

Group Music Therapy From A Team That Cares

Here at Grampian Music Therapy, we specialise in providing music therapy for those that need it most. We work with individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds. Our services are particularly beneficial for the following people:

Individual with additional sensory needs.
Those that experience social isolation or lack confidence and self-esteem.
People on the autistic spectrum.
Individuals suffering from mental health problems.
Those with communicational difficulties and limited vocabulary.
People that need help developing creativity or increasing their attention span.

The Grampian Music Therapy team takes great pride in providing a winning service and can visit schools, hospitals, residential care homes, day centres and private practices. With over two decades of experience in the field, we are perfectly position to provide the type of group music therapy Aberdeen residents can truly benefit from.

Group Music Therapy Tailored To Client Needs

While the benefits of group music therapy are fairly universal for the people that can benefit from them, we believe that the best results are gained when the sessions are designed with the individuals in mind. From selecting the right instruments to focusing on the best areas of development, our commitment is second to none.

We do boast a wealth of knowledge regarding the various social disabilities, but we appreciate the unique nature of each person’s condition. With this in mind, we are keen to maintain great communication and transparency with you along every step of the journey. This starts before the first session has even begun.

Music therapy has never been better.

Book A Group Music Therapy Session Today

Whether you wish to book your loved one onto a group music therapy session or wish to discuss the possibilities, along with the prospect of one-to-one music therapy, with one of our experts, do not hesitate to call on 07985 266109 today. Alternatively, you can email