Music Therapy Autism Aberdeen

Music Therapy Autism Aberdeen
Striking A Chord Through Social Engagement

Does your autistic loved one need an engaging and rewarding activity that can actively benefit their social and emotional development? Grampian Music Therapy for individuals on the autism spectrum could be the perfect solution,

Our fun, friendly, and fast approach to auditory activities will give your loved one the perfect foundations to grow in a loving and creative environment, Music has an incredible ability to change lives for the better, help your loved one discover it first hand with the best music therapy autism Aberdeen has to offer.

Music Therapy Designed For Autistic Children's & Adults Alike

Here at Grampian Music Therapy, we provide a range of music therapy sessions including one-on-one and group classes. While they can be used to help people in a wide variety of situations, we believe in adopting an approach that is best suited for the individual(s) in question. This includes offering sessions that have been designed specifically with autism in mind.

Music therapy can work wonders for both adults and children who have autism. It can engage both hemispheres of the brain to bring a whole host of social and development improvements. Participants are often shown to:

Grow in self-confidence.
Improve their cognitive development.
Grow in self-awareness.
Improve their social and communicative behaviours.
Grow in regards to creative expression.

Motor skills, social interactions, and a host of other aspects in your loved one’s life can be aided thanks to engaging stimulation of music therapy. Moreover, the routine of the sessions can have a positive impact too, not least when individuals are embraced as a part of our community.

Music Therapy Provided By An Experienced Team Of Experts

With over 20 years of experience under our belts, our team can utilise a number of techniques to provide winning music therapy sessions to schools, hospitals, residential care homes, day centres and private practices throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

Moreover, our advanced understanding of autism and the different levels enables us to provide sessions that are tailored with this demographic in mind. Moreover, we take great care in getting to know the individuals to create a happy learning environment for everyone involved. Our philosophy is to provide music therapy that engages and rewards participants to help them unlock their full potential.

We focus on comfortable surroundings while a wide range of instruments will allow your loved one to find the right solution for expressing themselves in the most effective manner. Their growth will be noticeable from the very first session. Whether it’s solo or group music therapy, there’s no doubt that the results will change your loved one’s life forever.

The magic of music starts here.

Learn More About Music Therapy For Autism Today

Whether you are clear on your decision to tap into the benefits of music therapy or simply want to learn more about what it can do for your loved one, gives us a call on 07985 266109 today. Otherwise, you can email Gemma directly at