Group Music Therapy Clerkhill

Group Music Therapy Clerkhill

Group music therapy has many uses and benefits. Here at our group music therapy sessions in Clerkhill, we aim to promote and deliver as many of those benefits as possible.

But first, what is group music therapy?

Firstly music therapy is the clinical use of music to help individuals for a range of reasons, such as stress reduction or mood improvement. It can be achieved by listening, singing, composing music or playing instruments. The benefits of music therapy have been long understood and well researched. As such music therapy is an evidence-based therapy commonly used in the health community,

Group music therapy builds on the above and uses music as a platform to help facilitate communication and importantly social interaction. Group music therapy creates many of the above benefits but is performed in a group setting.

Music can be a means of creativity and expression where you cannot find the words

The benefits of group music therapy

Encourage relaxation, mindfulness and being present. Group music therapy can help to take you away from exterior stresses and strains and help you focus on being in the moment.
Social development. Group music therapy is a social setting that is brought together through a love of music. You will mix with and meet like-minded people all through the median of a shared love of music.
Improved self-expression and emotional skills. Group music therapy will provide you with a means of self-expression. It will allow you to express yourself non-verbally and help you to communicate in ways you had not previously considered or been able to do.
Improved confidence. The social aspect and social skills gained through group music therapy will help to improve your overall confidence.
Improved hearing and speech.
Improved dexterity, in particular hand-eye coordination and gross motor movements.

Group music therapy Clerkhill

Group music therapy sessions in Clerkhill are perfect for any music fan and any skill level. We are a caring team that has a client-centred approach. We will find a way to work with you in a way that suits you.

We specialise in providing group music therapy for all age ranges, backgrounds and needs. We are especially proud to extend our services to those who consider themselves to be the following;

Individuals on the autistic spectrum.
Individuals who suffer from mental health problems
Individuals with sensory needs.
Individuals who have difficulty with communication.
Individuals who have difficulty expressing themselves
Individuals who lack self-esteem or confidence.
Individuals who experience social isolation.

Although you are taking part in group sessions we will work closely with you, the individual, to find the right format for you. This format will also be designed to help obtain your personal goals, whatever they may be. You can feel confident attending our sessions as an individual while benefiting from the social interaction of a group music setting.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and provide award-winning services. Our group music therapy Clerkhill is ideally placed to help you or your loved one, whatever your circumstances may be.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.